Jason Jupiter: Lost and Found

One night as 10-year-old Jason Jupiter stares into the heavens from his porch swing and dreams of space travel, an object falls out of the sky and vanishes along the horizon, seemingly in close proximity to his house. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Jason decides to investigate without telling his parents.

Following the light from the moon, Jason walks through a forest and into a clearing where, to his surprise, he finds a damaged spaceship without occupants. After he enters the ship to explore, Jason eventually encounters a small craft inside the cargo bay with a humanoid boy inside. When Jason inquires how to start the tiny spaceship, Michael happily shows him — a decision that quickly sends the boys on a dangerous joyride.  After they barely escape the fighter jets in pursuit, the boys zoom in the craft to Jason’s house in Los Alamos where they cloak the ship and become friends.

Now, Jason must determine how to keep Michael and the spaceship a secret from his parents and an undercover government agency with a lofty goal. Jason is about to discover that his adventure has only just begun.