Excerpt Preview Chapter 8


(First page of chapter 8)

Dan and Barbara quietly watched the documentary for only a short moment before Dan made eye contact with his wife—a nonverbal communication that went unnoticed by their boys. She returned a silent nod. Dan then looked directly over at Jason, who was entranced by the UFO documentary special. Dan thought about what to say, knowing they had never bought Jason an armband, especially one that was extremely thin and as realistic looking as his wife had described. Besides that, Jason did not normally wear any type of jewelry or toys beyond the expensive waterproof phosphorescent wristwatch they’d bought for his birthday about a month ago.

“I heard you were wearing an armband earlier, Jason,” Dan finally said.

Jason turned toward his parents. He’d known that question would pop up sooner or later—he just hadn’t been sure when. He thought about a response. “Yes, I was,” he said.

Dan noticed Jason was not saying much. “May I please see it?”

“Okay,” he said, somewhat reluctant, and then stood up. He removed the fake armband from his pants, walked over, and handed it to his father.

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